For years Jim Sarakinis has been determined to make employees aware of the human responsibility of recycling. Although he works tirelessly at the office he is driven to enlighten our staff among others, of the dire need to clean up our acts. He definitely leads by example. It started out with a couple bins to put clear soft plastic, electronics, batteries and Styrofoam. Now that we have moved to our current location in Coral Springs Florida, and have more space for storage, recycling has risen to a whole new level.
“We actually do not need or have a large dumpster for our office waste,” says Jim. Every couple of weeks employees load up a truck with carefully separated recyclables. They are large containers filled with plastic bags, shredded paper and scrap metal. From the office Rob, our dedicated driver, heads to the Publix Distribution Center in Deerfield Beach. Publix is another company that is very environmentally conscientious. They receive the plastic and paper which is processed by their own system. The metal is taken to a municipal recycling center, separated and deposited in the respective containers.
Waveguide management has made all of our employees aware of the proper disposal of waste. You don’t want to be a slacker on that aspect at this office. You might be the one to receive the occasional email message about what was found in the wrong bin. This subject may find itself the topic of some break room discussions, but what we really should be doing is thanking the BOSS for the environmental training that provides a cleaner and safer world for our children and grandchildren.