The cabling infrastructure solutions we provide for our land-based Commercial and Industrial  projects feature both flexibility and affordability. Waveguide can provide an honest and fair assessment of your IT requirements within your enterprise and custom tailor the right solutions to fit. We’ve designed and built solutions for corporate offices, hospitals, water treatment facilities, oil terminal complexes, million-square-foot distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, retail enterprises, port terminal facilities, and many other challenging cabling environments. There is hardly an environment we have not worked in. No job is too big for us. And certainly no job is too small.

Our international projects are the culmination of every facet of our operation combining to result in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Time and again we’ve called upon our experienced shoreside and maritime staff, supported by a hand-picked international labor pool, to collectively support U.S. and international organizations on the global stage. To that end, we have installed solutions for remote corporate offices, call centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, port terminals, and even private islands.