Fiber optics has always been one of Waveguide’s featured areas of expertise, for good reason: its large bandwidth, superior long distance capabilities, and cost effectiveness make it the media of choice for the telecommunications industry and businesses around the globe.  As the need for improved data transmission rates continues to strain traditional networks, more businesses are turning to optical fiber. Those same businesses turn to WGC for industry-leading end-to-end network infrastructure solutions.

With a large and diverse product portfolio that includes fiber optic cable, fiber management systems, connectors, fusion splicers, test and inspection equipment and manufacturer training, WGC is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end solutions. Fiber optic cable also affords a lighter weight and more secure solution than copper.

We’ve always focused on creating innovative design solutions, and having top quality, experienced field technicians. Waveguide’s fiber technicians are experts in everything from pulling fiber across large distribution facilities, to fusion splicing at the top of oil platforms, to terminating fiber in satellite radomes and any other environment where fiber optics may be found.  Not only can WGC design your fiber optic network but also procure, install, terminate, and test your fiber.  Of course we will complete the job with our comprehensive documentation.

WGC Fiber Solutions include:

  • Conventional fiber installation
  • Air Blown Fiber Systems
  • Fiber troubleshooting
  • Plastic Optical and Specialty Fiber for gaming systems
  • Field terminations
  • Fusion splicing
  • Power testing
  • OTDR certification
  • Custom assemblies
  • Bulk and pre-cut cable lengths
  • Fiber optic connectors, enclosures, and accessories
  • Documentation