From its inception, WGC has been marine-centric. We have built a reputation and proficiency that has encompassed all facets of the marine industry, including more than 40 mega-ship new-build I.T. systems deployments. WGC’s portfolio also includes everything from the Renaissance-Class (R-1 to R-8) to the world’s two largest cruise ships, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-Class and their home, Terminal 18 at Port Everglades. We have established strong, reliable and reciprocal relationships with world-class vendors, partners and industry decision makers as well.

Because WGC understands the exceptional nature of the shipboard environment and the marine industry, and more importantly business critical infrastructure, you have the benefit of a truly experienced and accomplished partner proactively working with you. Our qualified staff can support every aspect of any project on a global scale, even at a moment’s notice when emergencies arise, offering a complete suite of managed turn-key solutions tailored to suit even the most demanding of needs. WGC provides the expertise and leading-edge experience you need as a US and international mobile workforce. Waveguide Communications is there for collaboration on new-builds, dry docks, “live installations”, refurbishments and remote locations. We service all major cruise lines, ports and shipyards.