We know that a key component of every successful cabling installation is the creation of a clear, understandable mechanism that gives our clients the ability to track their project’s components. That is why Waveguide provides our clients with documentation packages that detail every essential element of their project. These records provide a clear benchmark of the system as it was installed, as well as a means to troubleshoot your network from end-to-end while eliminating laborious practices like circuit tracing and cable toning.. Depending on the sophistication of your needs, Waveguide documentation packages can include:

  • Patch Matrix – Provides cable locations and network patching sequence.
  • Rack Photos – Provide current photos of individual hardware components.
  • Visio Drawings – Provide network equipment and topology diagrams.
  • Network-Specific CAD Plans – Provide marked (as-built) computer aided drawings of marine deck plans or land based blueprints.
  • Equipment Locator Spreadsheets – Provide individual unit photos, locations, Mac addresses, IP addresses, and network connectivity information. These are particularly helpful in wireless networks.
  • Cable test results- Show important data such as cable readings at the time of installation.
  • Electronic representation of all documentation is provided as well.

In the past, when it comes to voice and data networks the most overlooked component of the network was record keeping. Waveguide Communications’ ideals have always been to support the quality installation we provide with the same quality documentation. Our belief is that the three most important components of building a strong voice and data network, whether it be a single office or an enterprise wide infrastructure, are sound design, quality installation, and detailed documentation. Performing quality work to build a quality infrastructure that brings you the highest return on your investment is where Waveguide Communications has an unsurpassed performance.