In recent years, the term “wireless” has taken on a whole new meaning as new applications and functionality come to market. Moving beyond radio and television, today we have cellular wireless, analog wireless, and I.P. based wireless for voice, data, and video services. The onslaught of personal handheld wireless devices also demands new advances in wireless platform technologies and traffic management.

Despite this march forward, wireless communications still require a hard wired core infrastructure and constant upgrades. So, here at Waveguide, we dedicate our resources and talents to innovation, optimization, and success in our ever expanding wireless world.

WGC’s Wireless Solutions include:

  • Wireless site surveys
  • DAS Systems (Premise cellular solutions)
  • DECT wireless solutions
  • Data network wireless solutions
  • Pervasive Wi-Fi solutions
  • Wireless cabling installations and upgrades
  • Site Documentation
  • Custom Assemblies