Offshore drilling rigs and accommodation vessels have enough challenges given their remote, and usually harsh, environments without the need to be in constant communications with the outside world. Information technology and computer-aided systems are making it easier and less expensive to drill for oil but that also means now that complex networking and information flow is critical to their operation and business. Reliable networks and connectivity is essential in a variety of applications, including telecommunications, remote equipment monitoring, safety and weather data. Geological data is constantly sent from the rig in real time as video data for critical analysis by scientists on shore. For staff, broadband access and infrastructure allows for voice and fax services, e-mail and web browsing (for distance learning), as well as entertainment. Oil and gas companies realize that the hiring and retention of the best talent not only comes down to dollars, but amenities as well.

Through WGC’s extensive expertise and presence in the maritime sector, we were asked to assist in various offshore IT projects. It was a natural business migration to shift into this market realizing that all the elements of our shoreside and shipboard experience could be utilized for offshore IT and communications requirements, even in the most isolated locations.